Tips for Sittings

▼~ Some Points to Bear in Mind when coming for a Portrait shoot ~▼

▼Social and Business Photography▼
We’ll work together to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience!!
Wear something that you are familiar with and or confident in – comfortable is good ☺.
Changes of clothes are good though do bear in mind there are often time constraints.
Make up to suit yourself but try not to over-compensate – if you are very worried about complexion blemishes remember a digital retouching service is available.
Egidija my wife and assistant, if available, will help with monitoring your hair and makeup.
Look around and think about the style of shot you would like to aim for….. -
Outdoors ? – Studio – dark/light backgrounds, close up medium – we’ll probably do a variety anyway.
Many of us are at least a wee bit apprehensive about being in front of the camera..
Many also believe we’re not photogenic & in addition we’re very critical of ourselves in photographs……
The starting point I believe is to be honest about and within oneself – achieving this will resolve all the reservations we have. Just arrive with ‘honesty’ in mind – it’ll work wonders.......

▼Actors & Performers▼
If you are a performer looking for a 'Spotlight Shots' (unless you have specific reasons) the above plus.......
... Wearing too heavy a make up is probably not a good idea!
...Wear comfortable neutral clothing, unless you wish to portray a specific character type - eg business person in a suit
...By all means bring a change of clothing but bear in mind time constraints..
...also remember the shots are most likely to be headshots perhaps just below the neckline
...Don't expect to take very heavy 'Moody' shots - of course I'll do just as you wish and we can always do some for your private portfolio .....BUT..
...Agents and casting directors want to see clearly what you look like not how cleverly the photographer lit you

... notwithstanding the above you may have own ideas about what you require... good - I'll work with you to achieve them.

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